Transform your organization with automation and standardization.

Fully Automated Desktop Migrations

Reinstalling Windows® on every PC in your organization can be one of the most complex, challenging and highly visible projects imaginable. Every single piece of hardware and software needs to be thoroughly tested to ensure a seamless transition for your workforce.

With over 10 years' experience in Windows® migrations, we take the pain, complexity and discomfort out of the entire process. Trust us with your enterprise desktop migration.
Zero Lost Live
User Data
Zero End User
End-to-End Tested
Single Image All

Comprehensive Security

Privacy is paramount. Everything in your organization should be protected, secured and encrypted. Make a full security package part of your desktop migration.

From disk encryption, to firewalls, endpoint anti-malware protection, disabling services, registry customizations; we can do that.
Full Disk
Endpoint Antivirus
Enhanced Firewall
Service & Registry

Application Portfolio Management

Most mid-size and large organizations have hundreds of applications in use. We can help you perform an inventory, and sort your applicaitons.

Packaging, virtualization, sequencing, cloud migration & reengineering; we can do that.
Application Inventory
& Planning
Application Packaging
& Sequencing
Cloud Migration
& Virtualization
Application Redesign
& Recoding

Greenfield Work Environments

You have a bunch of computers with an OEM OS; lots of trial-ware, demos, variances and manually installed applications. Supporting this type of configuration has become overwhelming and expensive.

A greenfield work environment is a fully-automated server side that immediately transforms all your PCs into a productive, secure, centrally managed, standardized environment. A completely functional production or development environment, packed to the gills with automation, equipped with the works and customized for your organization.
Complete Architecture
Hassle Free
Productive Secure
& Scalable
Dramatically Lower


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